GIS Services

GIS is an information system for the management and use of spatially oriented data. This system integrates the interactive applications for entering, processing, and geo-visualization of spatially defined data and applications that perform common operations with databases such as search, query, statistics, spatial analysis and planning, all with the aim of efficient and simple use of the subject data.

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GIS Development

Using the latest technology combined with Opensource and free software, we provide for our clients a way to obtain, with reasonable investments of time and money, a GIS solution that will be beneficial both to their company’s technical staff and to their management in making important decisions.

GIS Customization

  • GIS customization and App Development
  • GIS Data transformation and processing
  • Desktop and WEB solutions
  • Geodatabase development
  • GIS analysis
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Planning and Design

Optical passive network planning for residential and business users. We provide services for the development of preliminary, main and as-built design. We design optical access and long-distance networks.

Fttx Networks

  • Active Optical Networks
  • Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON)
  • Point-to-Point (P2P)
  • Active Ethernet
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3D Mapping Solution

Latest technologies

  • Drone surveying
  • Mobile mapping
  • Aerial laser scanning
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We perform measuring geodata with the state-of-the-art geodetic instruments. GeoDigit’s surveyors provide a wide variety of land surveying services for public- and private-sector clients. From construction layout of high-rise steel structures to 3-D laser scanning, we perform comprehensive surveying services for commercial and residential developments, buildings, highways, bridges, utilities, waterways and property acquisitions.


  • Mapping
  • Cartography
  • Cadastre
  • Civil engineering
  • Hydrography
  • Linear Infrastructure
  • GIS
  • Design
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Our expert team will help you to find an optimal solution to improve your data management system.

Expertise is our strength

  • Project development
  • Control and quality assurance
  • Software solutions
  • Assistance with GIS platforms or other geospatial software
  • Training
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