GIS Services

Digitization and documentation

Know how

  • Digitization of geodata
  • Maintenance and update of existing datasets
  • Documentation of linear infrastructure networks
  • Converting analog data to digital formats for use in database and GIS applications
  • Network inventory documentation
  • Digitization of cadaster analog datasets

LINEAR infastructure documentation

Digitization and documentation of linear infrastructure represent the core business of GeoDigit from the start.

  • Telecommunications networks
  • Wastewater and drainage networks
  • Electric power networks
  • Water supply network
  • Natural gas pipelines

GIS software applied in our daily work

Kvadrat 1
Kvadrat 2
Kvadrat 3
Kvadrat 4
Kvadrat 5
Bentley   Microstation SisNet V8i
Microstation SisNET V8i   1
Design Of FTTx Networks
Water Distribution Network
Facility Map   Electric Network


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