GIS development

GIS Solution

If you need a GIS solution that will be customized according to your requirements, then GeoDigit is the right company for you.

Using the latest technology combined with Opensource platforms and applications, we provide for our clients a way to obtain, with reasonable investments of time and money, a GIS solution that will be beneficial both to their company’s technical staff and to their management in making important decisions.

GIS Customization

  • App Development
  • GIS data transformation and processing
  • Desktop and WEB solutions
  • Geodatabase development
  • GIS analysis

GIS technologies and tools

  • QGIS (QuantumGIS) –Open Source GIS
  • PostgreSQL – Database server
  • GeoServer – Web server
  • Python, C#, C++, SQL – programming language
  • React – Open Source JavaScript library
  • GeoNode – Open Source geospatial platform
  • Django – Python framework for server and application development
  • C# – programming language
  • .NET – web development

Tailored GIS Solutions

WATER supply network Functionalities

  • Georeferenced positioning of infrastructure
  • Display of attributes of network elements (pipes, manholes, house connections)
  • Reporting related to materials, customers …
  • Visualization of network objects (hydrants, fittings and manholes)


  • Georeferenced positioning of routes and technical locations
  • Coaxial and optical cable network display
  • Pipeline network data display
  • Network Update and Maintenance (Redlining)
  • Creating reports about network data


  • Data Management
  • Display of Head-ends and technical locations on the map
  • Display of racks in all rooms
  • Detailed list of equipment in the racks
  • List of SLA contracts with all the necessary information
  • List of cards and SFP connectors
  • Details of contracts and leases
  • Reports on the state of equipment, expiration of contracts, warranty, connections, services per clients
  • List of IP addresses in use


  • Network data entry
  • End user management
  • Monitoring and measuring network capacity
  • Reports on measurement and control of cathodic protection parameters
  • Technical documentation management
  • WEB, mobile and desktop applications
  • Management of user privileges
  • Supply zones
  • Home measuring control sets
  • Flow metering stations
  • monitoring application performance


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